About the LCI

Over the past two decades, the Leading Change Institute (LCI) has enabled hundreds of people from higher education and cultural heritage organizations to recognize, develop, and enhance their skills and talents. Once targeted towards those working in libraries and information technology departments, the LCI has grown to welcome faculty, administrators, finance specialists, and others interested in developing the skills needed to lead and support change at their institutions and in the academic and cultural heritage fields more broadly. Our 800-plus alumni now include leaders from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, and other countries around the world. These alumni form a vibrant community whose members discuss important issues, share experiences, and support one another through monthly online conversations and discussion boards. Participants in LCI New Zealand, the first institute to be held outside the United States, will become a crucial part of this powerful network.

Why New Zealand?

The Leading Change Institute already has ties to New Zealand through its alumni from previous institutes. In addition, CLIR Board member and LCI advisory committee member Fenella France is herself a Kiwi. 

The strong leadership New Zealanders continue to demonstrate during the Covid-19 pandemic is inspiring and can be looked to as a model as our global higher education and cultural heritage institutions face enormous challenges—environmental, economic, informational—and our community seeks new ways of thinking about what it means to lead, and how we can best work together to envision and implement thoughtful and compassionate solutions.

By expanding this premiere professional development institute to New Zealand, we hope to provide the opportunity to those who may otherwise find it difficult to participate in an Institute in the United States and, in turn, to learn from the experiences and wisdom of our colleagues in the region.

Interested in attending?

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